Work with me

I work with clients to better understand their needs and then address those by incorporating the three key disciplines of Yoga, Personal Training and Breathwork.

These include individual or group classes: online, in your home, my home studio or outdoors even. You say where!



Whether you’re new at yoga or a seasoned student, I welcome the opportunity to practise with you.

Raise a sweat with energising Vinyasa, improve your skill at alignment or unwind with restorative group yoga. Alternatively, let's schedule a one-on-one session if practising in a group setting does not work for you. .

Wherever you are in your yoga journey I will guide you to the practice best suited to your needs.

Personal Training

An hour long one-on-one session designed to meet your needs.


  • initial health and fitness assessment and goal setting session

  • functional strength and conditioning exercises

  • flexibility and mobility exercises

  • using breath as the driving force to focus the mind and fully engage the body.​


Learn practical and simple breath awareness and regulation techniques which, when practiced regularly and sincerely, can promote relaxation and connection to the present moment.

Sessions start from 15 minutes onwards and can be incorporated into your yoga or personal training sessions.

One-on-one and group classes are available, both online

or face-to-face.