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We have this moment to be present or distracted.

Hi. I'm Hanlie Gordon, a qualified yoga teacher, professional personal trainer and experienced breathwork regulator operating in one of Cape Town’s cosiest corners, the Southern Suburbs.

I use Yoga, Personal Training and Breath Awareness to help you set and meet your goals.

Whether you want to learn how to improve mental focus, build physical strength, increase joint mobility or learn how to relax, I will work with you to achieve this. Together we will design a  sustainable and enjoyable practice at a location that suits you.

Get in touch to arrange your first, entirely free session today.  No obligation.

Child's Pose


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Tuesday 08:00 - 09:00

Take it easy as we unplug and unwind with simple and foundational yoga postures, accessible to all levels.  Combination of restorative and yin yoga poses.

Venue: Silvertree Estate, Tokai

Cost: R110 for 1 hour


Wed 09:00 - 10:00

This style of class requires controlled, smooth breathing as we flow through dynamic sequences, aimed at improving strength, increasing flexibility and staying present.

Venue: Silvertree Estate, Tokai

Cost: R110 for 1 hour


Thursday 08:00 - 09:00

This class sequence follows the traditional primary Ashtanga Yoga series, with adaptation where necessary to accommodate students skill level.  Ashtanga yoga is a vinyasa based style of yoga which assists with increasing strength, improving focus and moving with the breath.

Venue: Silvertree Estate, Tokai

Cost: R110 for 1 hour



Book 12 one-on-one sessions get 10% off

Book 6 one-on-one sessions get 5% off

If you dislike the gym setup and thrive on personal attention focused on alignment, skill and technique then this is for you.
Initial assessment includes fitness and health review as well as goal and objective setting.

Iyengar Yoga

"Even before the class begins, Hanlie evokes both a sense of calm and enthusiasm.

She is professional, caring and knowledgeable with a wisened intuition of what you need and can do."

Tess Joubert