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We have this moment to be present or distracted.

Hi. I'm Hanlie, I use my experience and skills to assist you to access the present moment and accept what is.

I am a certified yoga teacher,  personal trainer and breath awareness coach.

Whether you want to learn how to raise your game by sharpening your mental focus, to gain physical strength, to increase mobility, to stay centered amidst chaos, or simply to get out of bed a touch more graceful in the morning, I will work with you to achieve this. 

Less talk, more action.

Get in touch to arrange your first, entirely free session today.  No obligation.

Child's Pose


Book 12 one-on-one sessions get 10%

If you dislike the gym setup and thrive on personal attention focused on alignment, skill and technique then this is for you.
Initial assessment includes fitness and health review as well as goal and objective setting.

Iyengar Yoga

"Even before the class begins, Hanlie evokes both a sense of calm and enthusiasm.

She is professional, caring and knowledgeable with a wisened intuition of what you need and can do."

Tess Joubert